Downton Abbey 2x05 spoilers

There’s a great sadness at Downton Abbey this week as a much-loved character passes away.

It’s now 1918 and at the battle of Amiens, Captain Matthew Crawley and his soldier valet, William Mason, charge over the trenches. As those around them fall, the Downton pair are hit by an enemy shell. William dives in front of Matthew as the blast strikes, but both men are left badly injured and unconscious. 

The news of Matthew and William’s plight leaves those back at home in despair. Matthew’s former fiancée, Mary, pledges to nurse him at Downton, now converted to a hospital for war-wounded soldiers, and footman William is brought there, too.

As well as battling for their lives, both injured soldiers have matters of the heart to settle. Matthew’s told by doctors that, if he pulls through, he’ll never be able to walk again or have children. He tells his distraught fiancée, Lavinia, that she must find someone else, while Mary realises how strong her own feelings are for Matthew. 

Meanwhile, following their recent engagement, William asks housemaid Daisy to marry him now, but she has always been unsure of her feelings for William. 

"It’s difficult, because Daisy loves William as a friend and doesn’t want to let him down," explains Sophie McShera, who plays the scullery maid. 

Eventually, Daisy decides to become William’s bride, and an emotional ceremony takes place in front of the staff and the Crawley family. 

Unfortunately, one of the men doesn’t survive and Downton is left in shock. Has Daisy already been widowed? Or has Downton lost its only heir, Matthew Crawley?


Valet John Bates has almost finalised his divorce from his estranged wife, Vera. But when she shows up at Downton again, she tells Bates that she still intends to take revenge on him and the Crawley family by going to the newspapers with the story about the night Mary’s Turkish lover died in her bed. When Mary hears of Vera’s plan, will she use her influence with newspaper baron Sir Richard Carlisle to thwart her? 

Articles taken from What’s On TV magazine

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